In the international field of recruitment, a real process requires from 1-4 business months, based on this and the part of the specifications and the request of the employee   70% of workers, most of whom are semi-skilled, have a minimum time of at least 42 days, business (6-7 weeks), 13% of employees who have a fixed profession or professions that require high qualifications require 2-4 months or  60-120 days this for several reasons: the market demand may not match the offer, the specifications of the company that wants to hire may not match the employees offered to the market or mismatch of salary or operational cost of interaction. The remaining 17% are quick recruitment processes that last 28-36/40 days that provide immediate solutions for the business in cases where we have urgent needs for labor force, they can have little or very high cost for the recruitment process, this in supply dependence  which is presented to the market at the most critical point of need from the business to fill the vacancy. Një problem i cili mund të lindi nga kjo lloj formë rekrutimi mund të jetë mos kalimi i të gjitha filtrave rekrutues të punonjësit gjë e cila mund të përkthehet në kosto për kompanitë në një moment të dytë.

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