Recruit Albania is a recruitment company based in Tirana, Albania restructured in June 2022, registering as an independent entity from the former parent entity operating under the number of NIPT M21829016K. With the aim and vision to be a leading company in the field of human resources in the country, region & beyond. Part of a conglomerate with one of the largest companies in the region with 12 sectors in its field of action.


RECRUIT ALBANIA has under its structure, human resources specialist and human resources trainer who operate in various fields such as:

1) construction

2) telecommunications

3) hotel industry

4) agriculture

5) heavy industry

6) fashion etc.

In addition to the part of the internal structure, there is also the part of the external structure which is supported by external market specialists who have subcontracting contracts or service sale-purchase agreements for certain areas, making it possible to overcome any obstacles that may be encountered. in a human resources process, either in the recruitment step or in the development of human capital.

1. Setting objectives and choosing activities that best match the company’s goals: Mission and vision shape goals

Goals determine where the company is going. Strategies and activities guide how to get there. Thus, setting goals is the first and foremost step in designing a global human resources plan. Your goals should reflect the following: Why does your company exist? Who does it serve? Why do you do what you do? Establish a long-term goal toward which your global organization works. More definition through activities The next step is to identify the activities that best achieve the goals that lead to a successful business. These objectives should be achievable, short-term to go towards the established objectives.

2. Finding talent

Once roles and responsibilities are defined, it becomes a little easier to find the right minds to fit them. The best global HR strategy is to enable global hiring.

Joining a recruitment agency is one thing and collaborating with a recruitment agency is another. Recruit Albania cuts the hierarchical and bureaucratic gap of a recruitment process, no more friendly or unqualified workers being selected, and above all, it cuts the time it takes to fill x vacancies. The employee which could translate into revenue generated for the company itself. It seems simple at first glance you might think of hiring someone to handle this process without the need for a recruitment agency, 1) will spend time to find the right person for this job 2) will spend money 3) the Global employment factor is missing 4) the losses incurred during the time that your company would try to do everything by itself would go so much that the solution in the end would not be able to cover even its own costs.


The main goal of a business is to generate income and increase its productivity to ensure longevity and stability in the market.

But how can this be achieved?

Increasing income can be achieved in different ways, but the safest and most difficult is that of the natural economic life of a business which has the ability to recover any losses and ensure the economic continuity of the business by adapting to the requirements of the market. The key point of having a natural economic activity means the progressive development of the company without interruption at the same pace, which leads to the gradual growth of human capital, the gradual expansion of the work process, the transition from one stage to another stage of business at the moment of properly without rushing or delaying in taking action. Continuous employment, retention and development of existing human resources. In this way, we will have new ideas, workforce and improved skills to carry out a new work process or to acquire even better an existing work process.

In the international field of recruitment, a real process requires from 1-4 business months, based on this and the part of the specifications and the request of the employee 70% of workers, most of whom are semi-skilled, have a minimum time of at least 42 days, business (6-7 weeks), 13% of employees who have a fixed profession or professions that require high qualifications require 2-4 months or 60-120 days for several reasons: the market demand may not match the offer, the specifications of the company that seeks to hire may not match the employees offered to the market or mismatch of salary or operational cost of interaction. The remaining 17% are quick recruitment processes that last 28-36/40 days that provide immediate solutions for the business in cases where we have urgent needs for labor force, they can have little or very high cost for the recruitment process, this in depending on the offer which is presented to the market at the most critical point of need from the business to fill the vacancy. Një problem i cili mund të lindi nga kjo lloj formë rekrutimi mund të jetë mos kalimi i të gjitha filtrave rekrutues të punonjësit gjë e cila mund të përkthehet në kosto për kompanitë në një moment të dytë.

The level of the employee is not determined by Recruit Albania, the level is determined by the Employer, based on the specifications for the employee they are looking to hire, eg. Years of experience, foreign languages, age, time for which you want to have the employee available.

The criteria are few and strict:

  1. The employer must provide a one-year contract for the employee.
  2. Must be willing to provide accommodation to the employee for the duration of the contract.
  3. Employees must work based on the labor code approved by the Assembly of Albania, respecting the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer.
  4. The employer must provide transportation for the employee in case his accommodation is higher than 500 meters from the place where he has to work.
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